Litle pigs nativity scene

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Material: Cold porcelain

Approximate Measurements: 5,5cm x 3,5cm x 4cm

Author: Art´s Marclaro

Claúdia Sousa spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Vezezuela, returning in 1997 to her country of origin Portugal, residing in Vila Nova de Gaia. Self-taught by vocation, she has always shown an immense taste and talent for the arts. In Portugal, she attended the Architecture course.

Her passion for the versatility of cold porcelain leads to constant updating as well as the sharing of knowledge already acquired through workshops and training. In 2001 she created Art´s marclaro brand in order to share her passion. She considers herself “blessed” for being able to teach and play with the modeling of cold porcelain, almost as if her pieces could tell a beautiful story.

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